The Artwork of Ken Mullen


Ken Mullen is an award-winning chalk artist, street painter, and muralist from West Palm Beach, FL, USA. Whether working alone, with his children, or as half of chalking duo "Chalk Guys", he has been creating artwork for over 20 years.

Professionally certified as a "Maestro" level chalk artist by the Florida Chalk Artist's Association, Ken has had the privilege of traveling for his artwork, and has performed at festivals and events throughout the United States. He often chooses portraits as his subject matter, enjoying the challenge of capturing recognizable details on often difficult surfaces.

Ken specializes in creating large anamorphic 3D images, often with a whimsical or pop culture motif. He enjoys the performance nature of street painting, and loves the crowd reaction when the skewed lines and shapes on the ground transform into a 3D image before their eyes.

Ken has passed on his love of art to both of his daughters, and he looks forward to working side-by-side with them for years to come.

Ken Mullen